Computer Courses


Cantley Community Centre provides computer courses for all adults wanting to improve their knowledge of and use a computer or tablet.

If you’ve got the basics of computers and the internet under your belt, this is the place to start learning a little bit more. Whether you want to share digital photographs with family and friends or learn how to shop online, we’ve got a short course to help you do it.

Short courses to try:

  • Using a computer
  • Using public services online
  • Job hunting online
  • Jobs and interviews
  • Shopping online
  • Photos online
  • Using a smart phone

Other Computer Courses at the Centre


In addition Cantley Community Centre run short computer courses to suit just about everyone, tailored to your individual requirements, from Beginners, Internet & Email to Computer Maintenance (looking after your computer) and PhotoShop (bringing those treasured pictures back to life).

Choose from any of the following times to join our rolling 6 Week Courses:

Monday 1pm - 3pm
3pm - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 12 Noon
Friday 10am - 12 noon
* 2pm - 4pm

We provide Digital Imaging/Photoshop & Desk Top Publishing (Beginners to Advanced) plus for those of you who are interested in keeping your computer running the best it can. Try our 'Looking after your Computer' (Computer Maintenance) Course.

For more information on the above and other computer courses at the Centre, call John (01302 533 214), use the 'Contact' link, or, drop in to the Centre for a chat.